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On New Years Eve I weighed 229 lbs. I started out with 20 minutes a day on the AirDyne (low impact, low stress and there's a fan!). On Valentines Day I weighed 199 lbs and I feel great. I'm up to an hour a day while I watch TV. I love the low/no impact (my wife runs and is always complaining about a strained knee or pulled muscle, etc.). My Blood Pressure is down 20 points. Thanks!
Steve C.
Omaha, NE
My husband and I bought the 430 Elliptical three months ago and already we are seeing fantastic results. He works out in the morning and I work out in the evening. This machine can take a beating since he is a little hefty. :) Anyhow, great work Schwinn. If you’re on the edge about this machine, get it, you will absolutely love it.
Jenn M.
Clinton, NJ
I purchased a Schwinn Airdyne back in 1995 and I ride 4-5 times each week for 20-30 minutes at level 3. The exercise has helped me keep the weight off and tone my arms and legs - my doctor is very impressed with my blood pressure and cardio vascular readings and I love the effect on my body! I can't say enough about the durability and quality of the airdyne or how much I enjoy the riding experience. It has truly changed my life!
Judith C.
Southfiedl, MI
When gas prices started going up, I decided that I would have to start exercising at home. I had been using a very nice elliptical at the gym. I worried that I wouldn't be able to find an elliptical that met the standards I was use to and meet our budget needs. I tried several ellipticals at local stores and they all seemed like they would brake if I used it too much. But then my husband and I found the SCHWINN 430! I have been using this elliptical for 3 years now and I love it. Thank you so much for making an exercise machine that combined quality with affordability.
tommie n.
aragon, GA
I was in a boating accident about a year ago. Up until then I worked out in the gym every weekday. After the accident and physical therapy I needed a way to get a good work out at home so I bought a 131 upright bike. It is well made and very similar to the quality of a gym bike for less than half the price. Thank you Schwinn it is nice to be able to get a work out without leaving the house.
Troy D.
Edwall, WA
I've had my recumbent exercise bike for just over 2 months. I absolutely love it!!!! I have an old upright exercise bike (which I've had for 30 years,) but it doesn't hold a candle to my new recumbent. I can ride for over an hour very comfortably. I couldn't go for more than 30 minutes on my old upright. Great product....Thanks so much.
Sally G.
Cincinnati, OH
On May 29, 2006 I started a regime of eating less and moving more. I weighed somewhere around 315 and my waist size was 52". The eating less part was just watching my calorie intake and the moving more part was getting on my Schwinn AirDyne Evolution Comp EVERY DAY for at least 30 minutes. I track my mileage and have so far logged over 10,600 miles. I have lost somewhere around 100 pounds and my waist size is now 36". I LOVE my AirDyne for its small foot print and relatively low price for the quality.
Larry W.
The 231 Recumbent has absolutely the best assembly instructions and the best organized and labeled parts I've ever seen and I've seen plenty. The software is great and easy to use and the overall design and features are well thought out and well executed. Nice job.
Mark G.
I've just passed the 10,000 mile mark on my old Schwinn Exercise Bike. This bike must be twenty years and is still going strong. While I always prefer riding outside, winters in the midwest make that impossible. I don't use the Schwinn everyday, I also have a newer elliptical, but I find myself going back to the old bike with it's manual turn tension at least a couple of times a week. No bells and whistles, just a good workout. Thanks again, on my way to my second 10,000 miles.
Liz U.
Just received my Airdyne Comp and am extremely impressed with the quality of the machine. I am not a person that enjoys exercise but for health reasons needed to find some type of exercise equipment that I would stick with. Well, may I say I think I have found that in this machine. I enjoy bike riding and find that same enjoyment in the comfort of my home. Superior craftsmanship and 100% reliability. God Bless you Schwinn for a job well done!
Terresa S.
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