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Since may of 2007 I have lost over 40 pounds using my Schwinn 430. I feel great.Thanks.
Jason Y.
I have been overweight since I was 8. After many years of pushing by my doctor, I agreed to look into weight loss surgery. When I went to the seminar, they said surgery was only PART of the solution. I had to learn to eat healthy and exercise regularly. I went out and purchased a Schwinn 213 Recumbent Bike. I started riding in mid-May at my heaviest (322 lbs) and was able to do about 20 minutes on level 3. Today, I ride 60 minutes a day on level 2 and I have lost 147 lbs. I am 175 lbs and have a normal BMI. Your product is fantastic! It is easy to use, quick to get going, and it's very quiet. I can watch TV or listen to music while I work out.
Michael K.
I purchased a Schwinn Airdyne new in summer of 1986. The odometer is about to turn over at the 10,000 mile mark for the third time - 29,915 miles on it as of this morning. My work sometimes requires me to walk 8 - 10 miles a day, and I do it without any problems. This machine has changed my life, giving me a level of fitness that I'd be hard pressed to have accomplished otherwise. It is a well engineered and constructed machine. It still has the original chains on it. The bearings are still sound with no excess play in them either. Thank you.
John B.
I purchased a Schwinn 305P stair stepper back in 1999. I have used it on average 5-6 times per week for 30-40 minutes per day since then and it still works great! Thank you for an outstanding product and for keeping me in shape!! I will definitely purchase another Schwinn product (IF this one EVER wears out!!)
Lara K.
I am 6 ft. tall, 37 years old and on 1-1-07 I weighed 285 pounds. I bought your 103 exercise bike a few years ago, but never was committed to using it. I made up my mind in Jan. of this year that I was going to lose weight and improve my physical condition. I started a program alternating strength training with cardio (103 bike) every other day. Fast forward to July 7, 2007 and my current weight is 230lbs...minus 55lbs...from 44 to 40(some 38) pants...from XXL tall shirts to regular XL. The Scwhinn 103 bike is awesome, smooth, and gives a great workout. The durability and service has also exceeded my expectations. The pedals did need to be replaced about a year ago. Your customer service dept sent two new pedals immediately. I would recommend this bike to anyone. I'm also getting ready to buy an elliptical and I'm strongly considering another Scwhinn product. Thanks for making such a quality product and backing it up with quality service.
Hunter L.
I love my Evoloution Comp and I am rapidly approaching 7,000 miles ridden. I long to "green" my exercise experience and as I statically soar I wonder if there could be an accessory to capture and store the energy I am creating on a daily basis? Energy to charge my cellphone, MP3 player, etc. Forty minutes a day to build a healthier me and a healthier environment. That would be perfection.
Gregory B.
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